Bospop 2018, met ja  ja A-Ha. Als jong meisje was ik een super fan van A-Ha. Mijn slaapkamer hing vol met posters van A-Ha. En nu heb ik ze eindelijk live gezien. En het was heel erg goed. 

  • Cry Wolf
  • The Blood That Moves The Body
  • The Weight Of The Wind
  • Crying In The Rain
  • Foot Of The Mountain
  • Analogue
  • Stay On These Roads
  • Sycamore Leaves
  • Hunting High And Low
  • I've Been Losing You
  • The Sun Always Shines On TV
  • Scoundrel Days
  • The Living Daylights
  • Take On Me
  • setlist is van A-Ha

Yes A-HA at Bospop 2018. When I was a young girl I was a super fan of A-HA. My whole room was full with posters of A-HA. And now at  an older age, I finally saw them live. Loved every minute of this show.  Set-list you see above..

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6 jaar geleden

Love the pictures, big fan of Aha to😍